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Here for You

by Lone Human & Daym

Here for you is a collaborative project between several different artists.

As my capstone project at Seattle University, I wanted to make a difference with my passion, as did the individuals I had been working with for over a year. “Here for you” is a song in which all the revenue goes towards YouthCare, a non-profit organization in Seattle that gives support to youth ages 12-24 that are in need of assistance. In addition to that, Tobias the Owl from Rain City Collective has sponsored the project, and has been an instrumental to the production of this project.

The project was well received at Seattle University, and will hopefully serve as a motivation for all to donate to organizations that do make a difference in our city of Seattle.

Track by Lone Human & Daym

Mixed by Aaron Carsten

Distribution and media by DB Stewart

Vocal help and production by Mario Sibaja

Guitar and melody by Chris Gleckman

Here is the documentary

Lone Human 2018

Hide and Seek 3.JPG

Hide and Seek (feat. Ariana Mafi, Ray Witness)

by Lone Human

Hide and Seek featuring Ariana Mafi & Ray Witness

This track was written about a group of artists who have held me back in my musical endeavors, or placed their personal problems above me. The idea behind “Hide and Seek” comes from the idea that I don’t hear from many of them anymore. Especially after I began to know my worth as a producer and musician. I wrote it as a statement that I would stand up for myself, and respect myself as an artist, and every individual that I work with.

This track was mixed by Trey Caldwell

Lone Human 2018

The Revolution.JPG

The Revolution

by Witness & Lone Human

"The Revolution"
A collaborative between Witness and Lone Human.

Check out his profile at:
IG: @ray-witness

From beginning to end, the album was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered in one month.

Copyright Lone Human 2018

Restart Album Artwork.jpg


by Lone Human

This album was sequential to my previous album "Sanctuary" that came out a year before on the same day, yet this album was a major step up in terms of production, depth, and content. I am proud to have this album be a showcase of talent, only being done in a handful of months.

Restart is an album about my story of depression and suicidal thoughts, and what it took for things to work out. From within the lyrics, you can hear this message conveyed in a variety of ways.

Those who collaborated with this album were a major component to the project as a whole, and it would not be the same without their help. The artist information is available below:
DB Stewart
Haley Witt
Nicholas J. Parsons

Mixed by Aidan J. Woods
Mastered by Collin Ness

Lone Human 2018

Lone Human sanctuary cover 5.jpg


by Lone Human

Sanctuary is a 7 track album encompassing the home I have made within Seattle and Seattle University, addressing issues the world faces such as overpopulation (Sea of People feat Brett Riley), loss of dedication (Thunder Clouds feat Witness), and loss of identity (Like No Other feat KAIRA). The writers of these tracks are sharing their experiences with the issues, incorporating them with this collaborative album. This album is equally mine as it is for the rest of the tremendously talented singers, songwriters and rappers.

This album's creation was inspiring, heartbreaking, and truly incredible. I am very lucky to have the ability to work with such a talented group of real people.

Lone Human 2017

Refill Album Artwork.jpg


by Lone Human

A short 5 track EP produced after Humanity

Lone Human 2016

Humanity Album Art.jpg


by Lone Human

My first album under the name Lone Human.

This was the first album I produced, and the most time I spent on any of my productions. It is a reference point for my music today.

- Lone Human 2015